Summarised Legal Requirements

Applicability Guide

The following guide is designed to assist fleet managers, OH&S officers and authorities to quickly identify non-conformity.

PIG Trailers

Rigid Drawbars


Safety Chains and rated safety chain attachments
are mandatory for every rigid drawbar trailer.

DOG Trailers

Hinged Drawbars


Safety Chains remain non-compulsory for hinged drawbar DOG trailers despite this trailer type being clearly conspicuous in accident statistics.

The National Standard VSB6 strongly recommends safety chains for all trailers.

All Towbars

Except Road Train


Rated safety chain attachments must be fitted to every towbar regardless of the intended trailer
to be towed.

A towbar without safety chain attachments does not comply with ADR62.

Identifying Compliance

Bartlett safety chain attachments are tested to ADR requirements and registered with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

Components are clearly marked with ratings and identifications for operator safety.

What if it’s not a Bartlett?

The mere presence of chains and attachments on trailers and towbars does not guarantee ADR compliance – seek test result evidence and component registration numbers (CRNs) in writing from the manufacturer.

Bartlett Safety Chain Attachments

Professionally designed, tested and rated.

BK20 System shown. Always cross safety chains.