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Bare Knuckle

Truck & Trailer Safety Chain Systems


A runaway trailer of any type or size has the frightening potential to cause death, severe injuries or catastrophic property damage.

The patented Bartlett Bare Knuckle (BK) Safety Chain range is the latest safety innovation from Bartlett designed to reliably stand guard against accidental trailer separation. During trailer coupling separation, the ADR62/02 compliant Bare Knuckle system is designed to immediately take hold and maintain the combination, providing the best opportunity for a safe, controlled, emergency stop.

Runaway trailers without safety chains


Compliant Practical Protection

Bare Knuckle is professionally engineered and contoured to closely match the high tensile chain specified in Australian Design Rule 62/02.

Each model has been exhaustively tested in various mounting orientations* to ensure versatility, maximum strength and optimum protection. Component Registration Numbers CRNs, are available to include in vehicle compliance submissions.

Easy to install and use

  • Installation and operation are straight-forward.
  • Towbar attachments have releasable pins to allow easy and direct chain insertion.
  • Trailer attachments have high tensile pins and pinch clips to permanently retain the chains with the trailer.
  • No need for extra chain connecting links.


Bare Knuckle Safety Chain System Range

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* Refer to installation instructions ratings may be limited in some mounting orientations

† Aust. Pat. 2013204783, NZ Pat. 631763, Pending US Pat. App.15/533,346. Aust. Reg. Des. 365990 and 365989

From 2 tonnes up to 50 tonnes

Features and Benefits

  • ADR62/02 compliant for applications ranging from 2 tonnes up to 50 tonnes ATM Rating.
  • Maximum strength at lowest mass thanks to unique patented† design.
  • High grade weldable steel alloy attachments.
  • Install in multiple orientations on all types of trailers and towbars.*
  • Rapid installation on new builds or retro upgrades.
  • Easy chain engagement – end link of chain free to swivel through 90 degrees.
  • Convert fleets to guarantee interoperability, ADR compliance and CoR requirements.
  • Lengthy service life and virtually maintenance free.
  • Manufactured by Bartlett, Australia’s most experienced truck/trailer connection specialist.

Chain Dog Trailers

Bartlett have called for Dog Trailers to be fitted with safety chains since the 1990s. Their exemption is based on the false belief that emergency trailer braking systems will perform as imagined.

However, Dog Trailers continue to separate with disturbing regularity. Varied braking efficiencies at each wheel of the steering dolly could effectively steer a runaway Dog trailer towards potential catastrophe.

A Complete System

Fleets should operate on the principle that no trailer coupling is infallible, no matter how good their operators or maintenance regimes. Hidden mechanical defects; bad installation, operational or maintenance errors all have the potential to cause sudden malfunction.

Bare Knuckle is a tested and rated safety chain system designed to act as the passive emergency safety backup to the trailer coupling.

Stay Connected – Maintain Control

With new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws in place, investigators will look to discover, “what measures could have reasonably been taken to avoid the separation?”

The surest and simplest option available for the best chance of a controlled, safe stop during coupling separation is the ADR62/02 compliant, Bartlett Bare Knuckle safety chain system with a range covering light vehicles right through to the heaviest truck and trailer combinations.

Summarised Legal Requirements