In 1946, Norm Bartlett began connecting trucks to trailers. He did so by providing simple, practical and safe design solutions, some of which remain popular to this day. Over the next 70 years Bartlett has continued to innovate and grow. Today we are one of Australia’s largest providers of integrated towing solutions to the trucking industry. But we’ll never forget what Norm taught us – that innovation combined with simplification delivers better safety, compliance and efficiency. You will find this philosophy in every Bartlett towing solution. For 70 years we have been safely connecting thousands of trucks and trailers across Australia, and we can provide and install the ‘fit-for-purpose’ integrated towing solution you need. Take control of your fleet thanks to Bartlett. Find Out More


These days, compliance is just as important as functionality, so having an approved ADR towing system is essential. Whether you're an owner or operator, we'll work hard to identify your needs and find you the best towing solution for your requirements. We can also visit your truck and trailer fleet on-site to make sure your vehicles are performing at peak efficiency while operating at suitable safety compliance levels. Find Out More

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