Founded by Norm Bartlett in May 1946, Bartlett is the proud Australian family business behind many innovative engineering and product solutions across the commercial vehicle industry. The early years saw Bartlett develop a fine reputation as a trailer manufacturer for agriculture and road transport. This experience provided a crucial understanding of vehicle dynamics and the towing task, laying the foundations that underpin the modern range of Bartlett products and services.

Modern Engineered Solutions
Tried and proven pedigree 1946 – 2020

The foundation of a safe, strong and compliant towing system begins with your own internal specifications that appear in your open tender documents. Loose or vague specifications undermine safety and functionality before a wheel is turned. Critical elements, such as ADR compliance, connectivity with existing fleet assets and clear rating information, can be overlooked so that, over time, a fleet’s towing systems may become a confusing mixture of difficult-to-manage fleet assets.

The products and support services designed by Bartlett help fleet operators take control and build a well organised, traceable and compliant system of interchange between trucks and trailers. Bartlett makes it possible for the back-end of each truck to be identical to the next. Guesswork is eliminated so that drivers can operate with confidence.

Put simply... when you insist on the Bartlett brand for your complete truck and trailer towing needs, you're in safe hands.