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Premier Couplings


Premier Couplings

Performance, Quality, Safety

Bartlett and Premier – Experienced industry leaders teamed for your towing success

Bartlett is proud to introduce the Premier AUS range of heavy duty trailer couplings and towing accessories. Innovators and industry leaders since 1924, Premier design and manufacture the safest, highest quality components for the commercial transport industries of North, Central and South America.

Bartlett have optimised a select range of Premier products for Australia and tested to the requirements of Australian Design Rule (ADR) 62†. Sales, technical advice, complimentary towing systems, spare parts and accessories are all managed by Bartlett.

Coupling people who understand the towing task

Premier Manufacturing Co. are renowned in the North, Central and South American transportation industries for their innovative, high-quality equipment that excels in all conditions.

Operating for almost 100 years, Premier provide safe and functional towing solutions to the largest fleets right down to owner operators – they are true coupling people and understand the towing task intrinsically.

Bartlett, Australia’s longest serving heavy towing equipment manufacturers have used their own 75 years industry experience and engineering skills to prepare the Premier AUS range for Australia’s demanding conditions. A logical synergy.

Innovative features

Unique Latch Designs

Premier trailer coupling latch systems are designed for easy operation and incorporate polymer pivot points for lasting performance.

100-3A-AUS Slack Reducing System

The air powered Slack Reducing system provided with the 100-3A-AUS heavy duty pintle hook is designed to remove free-play, improve driving performance and reduce coupling wear.

All Premier AUS products are inspected, modified if required and packed at Bartlett’s Hallam facility.

Ready for Australia

The following Bartlett enhancements were required to prepare the Premier AUS range for Australia:

  • Metric Conversion: Re-modelling of key components, conversion of measurement values, wear gauges adjusted, translation and re-arrangement of product literature and illustrations.
  • ADR 62/02 Testing: Each product was put through a 2 million cycle fatigue test at a specified force to simulate operating life. Test results are registered with the Australian Government to satisfy National Road Vehicle Standards.
  • Product Selection: Coupling models with bolt patterns common to Australia have been selected for straight forward integration into fleets.
  • Complete System Integration: Premier couplings paired with Bartlett towing equipment provide maximum efficiency, safety and performance.
  • Comprehensive Product Support: Complete sets of sales literature, installation and operational instructions, coupling wear gauges, spare parts, sales and service advice are available from Bartlett.
Coupling wear gauges

Determine wear limits and judge the useful life of couplings and drawbar eyes. Easy to use and a must for fleet maintenance and safety personnel.

Premier AUS range for Australia

Premier 150-AUS

Hook – Max. ATM : 9 Tonnes D-Value 58.5kN
50mm Ball – Max. ATM 3.5 Tonnes D-Value 20kN

Premier 100-3A-AUS Pintle hook

Max. ATM 45 Tonnes / Max. SVL 8 Tonnes / D-Value 165kN / Mass 20.0kg

Premier 160HD-AUS Pintle hook

Medium Duty 4-Bolt Pintle Hook

Premier Drawbar Eyes

Max. ATM 15 Tonnes / Max. SVL 2 Tonnes / D-Value 75kN / Mass 6.5kg