Stock & custom towbars

Custom-built Towing Solutions

The 2022 Bartlett catalogue showcases our range of heavy vehicle towing equipment. All our equipment meets Australian standards and can usually be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of a purchase order. The towbars we make cover most heavy vehicle towing requirements and will appeal to a broad range of customers.

We have over the years also received requests to custom-build towing solutions to meet unique customer fleet requirements (see examples).

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State Government Roads Authorities

Bartlett have produced fleet towing solutions for state roads authorities in two of our largest states. Both authorities engineering teams had unique requirements that required close collaboration with Bartlett. Of critical importance was ensuring fleet managers, operators and sub‑contracted fitters had the necessary technical and user information to implement the towing product state-wide. Satisfying the strict requirements for roads authorities is a major endorsement of Bartlett’s safety and compliance credentials.

Major International Truck Manufacturers

Bartlett has designed an aftermarket towing solution for a major truck manufacturer. The solution has been created for the Australian market and the full kit comprises air and electrical componentry for fitment. The complete towing solution arrives on a pallet with detailed instructions for the fitter. We believe the aftermarket towing product is an industry first.

Defence Materiel Suppliers

Bartlett has teamed up with major Department of Defence suppliers to produce towing solutions for several troop and ordnance carrying military vehicles. Each project has required a high degree of design and engineering collaboration to ensure the towing solution stands up to the most demanding operational situations. Bartlett has a longstanding relationship to Defence and has for decades been listed in the Australian Defence Sales Catalogue.

Custom towbar solutions

If you have a towing requirement for your heavy vehicle or fleet that can’t be met by our range of equipment, please let us know. For all custom towing solutions, we will provide an obligation free quote to develop the finished product – including any engineering design, testing, and accreditation costs. This ensures you receive the information you need prior to committing to the investment.

For all enquiries, contact 1300 123 284, or

Towbar Timeframes and Costs

Stock Towbar SolutionsShipped in 48 hrs from receiving order * List price in catalogue
Custom Towbar Solutions5–6 days for an obligation-free quote *