How versatile is your fleet?

The Bartlett AUTOWBAR for trucks is an advanced towbar system engineered to revolutionise trailer towing for light to medium truck operators. The Patented Bartlett AUTOWBAR enables quick switching of various popular coupling types with the reassurance that you are using heavy duty components designed and built for the rigors of truck and trailer work.

AUTOWBAR removable coupling mounts are strong and durable due to the large solid square-sections and high grade steel. This interchangeability feature allows virtually all trailer types to be towed using the one truck to save time and money.
Bartlett AUTOWBAR support the following coupling types:

• Bartlett® Ball 127 and 95 mm
• 70 and 50 mm Balls
• Pintle Hooks
• Compact 40 mm Automatic pin couplings

Coupling exchange is completed in minutes by the vehicle operator, all in the knowledge that the towing function is rock solid and compliant to all regulatory requirements.
AUTOWBAR is simple to install, even as a retro-fit to existing vehicles in the fleet with two models available:

BT620 – Max. 6000 kg ATM
BT750 – Max. 9000 kg ATM.

Operators with special vehicle configurations can contact Bartlett so a custom designed towing solution can be assessed.
If your road transport business demands competitive and flexible customer service, switch to the BARTLETT AUTOWBAR SYSTEM and experience towing technology at its very best.